Running with Ethiopians

by runningwithethiopians

I have booked my tickets for Ethiopia and will be departing from London on January 5th 2014 I will be staying in Ethiopia for 3 months, in this time I will do as the Ethiopians do, run.

I have arranged to rent a small dwelling next to my good friend Tsegaye Bekele. Tsegaye Bekele and I met in Palermo (Sicily) whilst I was there for the Palermo marathon it was my second year, in 2009 the previous year I had been warming up when I saw a group of elite runners also warming up, instantly I was intrigued by everything about these guys I mean they were totally awesome, low body fat lean looking pure toned runnings gods.

Anyway I spoke to one of them on the the bag drop bus, we had a polite simple conversation I found out he was from Kenya. After finishing the marathon and returning home to London I could not stop thinking about what it would have been like to befriend one of these runners and arrange to go to Kenya and train with them. So next year I went with this in mind, just as I was advancing towards the start line a small strong looking african man passed in front of me I could see he was an elite runner and introduced myself to him Kristian Morgan from England, he told me his name was Tsegaye I asked if he felt confident and he replied to me “I am going to win this race” I wished him good luck and shook his hand.

After crossing the finish line of the marathon I was ushered threw a small side exit where I proceeded to walk in the direction of the lady who was cutting off runners timing chips from their trainers when on my left I passed a small break in the fence which lead into the elite runners area by now they had all finished and were receiving massage, I saw the small African runner called Tsegaye whom I had spoken to before the race I asked him “How did you do?” He responded with “I came 1st position”. I swapped emails with him and told him my intentions of coming to Africa and running with the runners and eating the same food for a few months in order so I could write about them, in fact I had already decided on the title of my book “Running with the Kenyans” but it turned out Tsegaye was from Ethiopia no problem thought how about “Running with the Ethiopians”.

I went to visit Tsegaye in Ethiopia the following year of 2011, Tsegaye had arranged for me to stay with a man who picked me up from the airport along with Tsegaye his name was Assefa Mezgebu and he came 3rd at the Sydney Olympics in the 10k with a time of 27:19.75 less than 1 second behind Haile Gebrselassie who took gold. TBC