Sunday is a good day for blogging

by runningwithethiopians

Hello, I have thought about this and it makes sense if I blog on a regular day, this way my post will be reliable and you readers can expect to receive it on a certain day. So I will be updating my blog on Sundays from now on.

Good news! I spoke with Tsegaye yesterday on the phone and he and his girlfriend have had a baby girl, so now Tsegaye is going through another of lives great challenges, he sounded very happy.

I have uploaded a new photo from my 2010 trip, with from left to right Amos the young boy, Asafa Sydney olimpic 10k bronze medal winner, Myself, Tafarow (mummy of children and Asafa’s wife she is also a pro Athlete) then on the right is Kiana the young girl.

I am nervous about this trip I split up with my long time girl friend Lucia this summer we had been together for almost 7 years, I just know now I am free to explore and live my dream of this challenge.  I will be in London personal training from now up until December then I will be spending Christmas with my dad and his wife Di. My dad and I both enjoy cooking so we will be busy in the kitchen over Christmas.

Last weekend I found an Ethiopian food stand selling Ethiopian food at Brixton Market, the lady was very friendly she served either meat, vegetarian or vegan stew with injira flat bread the Ethiopian staple, have a look at the link for ijira recipe on you tube

The food was authentic and I enjoyed sitting at one of her tables practicing my first words of Amharic with her and her daughter.

I have come up with a new way of training for Ethiopia, I now throw on a rucksack full of my personal training equipment and run to my sessions some days I am covering almost 20 miles. I feel strong and this way I can relax after personal training with out having to go back out again for a run genius.