BareFoot Running

by runningwithethiopians

This morning I had some spare time between clients (I earn money as a freelance personal trainer), I was on my way to the Olympic swimming pool at Crystal Palace as I swim 2 Kilometres on Thursdays, anyway the pool is in the national sports centre which is located right in the middle of Crystal Palace park, as I was running towards the pool I passed a large open flat green grassy field it was raining and the grass looked lush. The other day when passing the same field I had the same thought I was having right then which was why don’t I take off my trainers drop my rucksack down and do some barefoot intervals the field is 200 meters in length so was perfect for 200 meter interval sprints, so I did just that.

I took off my trainers looked ahead at 200 meters of wet green grass and said to myself on your marks get set GO, I ran fast and felt light without the heaviness of trainers, I gave myself 30 seconds rest to recover then went again back in the direction of my socks and trainers, the grass was soft, cold and wet it felt invigorating feeling the ground against the skin of my feet, I did 10 intervals then put my trainers back on and carried on to the pool feeling very satisfied.

I have noticed that over the past few years barefoot running has become popular and companies who make trainers have designed what is called the barefoot running trainer, the idea behind barefoot running is all summarised in a great book called “Born to run” by Christopher Mcdougall, if your into running its well worth reading. My only criticism is barefoot runners including those wearing barefoot running trainers run on hard surfaces like concrete, tarmac, asphalt and so on, people run barefoot because they are trying to be natural without the wedge of rubber under their foot but then they run on hard surfaces there is nothing natural about running barefoot on concrete.

So in my opinion if your going to run barefoot find yourself a green field of grass and enjoy the soft feeling of the ground beneath your feet.