5 healthy lifestyle tips for children

by runningwithethiopians


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening what every you do guys always remember these 5 tips.

1. Be active I know its fun to play computer games or watch your favourite cartoons but get outside and move, use your garden to play eye spy, tag, have running races with your friends and you will have more fun than staring at a screen.

2. Eat fruit use your eyes to find brightly coloured fruit when shopping with mum or dad and surprise them by asking for vegetables for dinner its ok to eat cake and sweets sometimes but not all the time, eating the right things will help you become strong and healthy.

3. Find something you like and stick to it, climbing, football, swimming, gymnastics, volley ball, basketball, running, then ask mum or dad to help you find a club so you can practise every week.

4. Be nice to people and people will be nice back to you, if you are lucky and have brothers or sisters try not to argue too much with them.

5. Last tip is to be a good student think about what interests you and tell your parents maybe they can study this new subject with you, when you are at school study and do all your homework as some children do not get the oppertuninty to go to school in some parts of the world.