Coconut Water 100% Pure No Suger Added

by runningwithethiopians


This really is one of my favourite drinks I use it to add to smoothes or just drink it straight out the can if you live in London just pop down to Brixton and you will find it in the market area for those of you in Australia (lots of my family love you all) they sell coconut water in cans there too but nothing beats opening a fresh coconut and drinking the water straight out of the coconut itself.

Last year I finished 4th in a ultra marathon in Australia (Cairns to Port Douglas) and yes coconut water is what I drank during the race, only problem was I did not drink enough and so became dehdyrated otherwise could have finished 1st place but I take my hat off to Olli who came 1st position a true champion and ultra marathon legend, GO OLLI.