Get Fit Challenge part 3

by runningwithethiopians


Its time to start exercising all I want you to do is 30 min’s per day, 6 day’s per week, can you do it? If you have been having smooties for breakfast and super salads for lunch you will now have the energy you need to exercise. I break the 30 min’s into 3 part’s at the gym by using the rowing machine, the cross trainer and the cycle machine all for 10 min’s each. If you do not have access to the gym a 30 min brisk walk or jog will do the trick, but heres the important part you need to be in the fat burning zone which means having a steady heart rate of approximately 135 beats per minute, you can measure your heart rate easy, just place two fingers on your neck find your pulse and count the beats for 10 sec’s then multiply this number by 6, now you have your beats per minute.