Time to kick (Healthy life part 4)

by runningwithethiopians


So three weeks have passed since you started this challenge, first there was the green smoothie, then the power salad, then the introduction of exercise. Now its time to kick the bad habits, I am not going to ask you to stop them all together but rather choose one addiction and kick it, we are all addicted to something, so its time to pick one of these addictions and take control of it. For example if you “enjoy a coffee” but have been doing so for the past 10 years several times per day thats an addiction, kick it. Say you want to take a small step towards kicking an addiction you could carry on with the coffee but stop adding suger, this is called a baby step but never the less a step in the right direction. So be it coffee, sugar cigarettes alcohol, junk food, salt, or whatever you need to consume on a daily basis its time to kick.