I am here

by runningwithethiopians

I arrived 5 days ago in Ethiopia. The plane journey was smooth thank goodness and I slept alot.
I am staying with Tsegaye, his wife Bute and their daughter Edna, also another couple, Yared and Ababa.

I feel like I am at home here, I have a new family, we all eat together and live together. Its very nice. The weather is hot and I have been on training runs morning and night since being here. Yesterday I was so tired after the run Tsegaye and another runner named Makbib had to help me home, but I am fully recovered now.
On Christmas day (Ethiopians have a different calendar) Yared slaughtered a chicken which we ate, very nice indeed. This is just a short post I will post another soon, there is no internet in the town I am staying in so can only use the internet whilst in the capital Addis.