Wild West

by runningwithethiopians

Yesterday was my Ethiopian B-day, they have a different calendar here its 2006 Jan 4th today, the landlord came over to collect rent a big argument broke out and he pulled out a gun and started waving it around, the people I am staying with called his bluff, “Use it, use it” they said. I was quite shocked. I have a best seller on the way, each day I run for hours and hours morning and night, then I return home and write about it. The book I am writing will be a huge success, no one has done what I am doing I have not even brushed my teeth with a tooth brush since being here instead opting for the mafakia (twig) to clean my teeth as the Ethiopians do. Today I went to the stadium in Addis and watched a 5k race the winner clocked 14mins 29mins, that is super human. OK will post again soon. +251938472531 (my number)