by runningwithethiopians

I could see ahead the club bus again so was close to having ran 10k I now knew I would be running 25k without a break. I also knew the entire run would be ran without water. I got close to the bus and and I saw female runner who had passed me cross the road to where the coach was standing outside the bus I wondered if she was going to get a drink but then she started running back towards me on the opposite side of the road ok this must be the turning point I had not seen the group of women runners turn who I had set off with except the one who was trailing behind. I wondered what coach would want me to do I arrived level to the bus and coach motioned me to turn with his arm I crossed the road and started back in the direction I came. I thought I really could do with a drink now but no drink was offered. I started back up the big hill I had just run down but something had happened I no longer felt moody and tired I felt in a good mood and strong I could see ahead the two women one who had passed me and the one who dropped from the pack, I speeded up and thought I will catch them both. My watched bleeped to indicate another mile had passed I had turned auto lap back on just for today. I looked at the time and was pleased to see it was in the 6 minute a mile range I pushed up the hill with my new found energy. At the top I passed back through Sendefa avoiding taxis parked on the side of the road and also ran around horses and carts. When you run on asphalt you always run towards the on coming traffic so you can see the cars but as I started out running today a taxi was over taking a truck it came right up behind me and passed just a few feet from my shoulder at racing driver speed. I was now running well and felt strong the road ahead looked dry and I could see the heat waves rising up from the ground. I was almost about to pass the turning for our house again, I felt strong I know when running a marathon like an Ethiopian its not a jog more of a sprint that keeps going until the end and I felt now as if I was sprinting I felt so good, other runners passed me on the other side of the road and as they did the odd one would say good very good also men I would pass on the pavment would offer kind words of encourngment go go well done be stong and so on it was very nice to feel the support. I soon passed 15k and thought ok cool 10k to go I zoned out and ran looking at the landscape not having to worry about rocks and bumps as on normal training runs. When I got to 20k I was back where I started and I could see the two women ahead the one I had trained with and the one who had dropped off, they motioned for me to stop I was in 25k mode but did as they said I asked are we doing 25k no they said 20k we are finished.