Last Day

by runningwithethiopians

Its 7:42am, I am lying in bed listening to the calls of prayer from the churches. Today is my mothers final day, I feel sad she is leaving we have had a wonderful time together in Addis. Tomorrow I will return to Sendefa and comence my running preparing for the comrades 89k ultra. My mother and I found the best burger place in the world yesterday, I stumbled accross it while searching for restaurants on the website trip adviser. The beef was delicious from grass fed organic cows, each burger had a thick cut tomato. My mother and I were walking the other day down the high street in Addis and a women came over to us to beg for money she had a baby on her back, we were standing out front of a building that had a guard, as the women was standing in front of us with her hand out the guard came over and with a large stick he was holding smashed it accross the womens legs, I was horrified.