Sorry its been a while

by runningwithethiopians

I have been concentrating on the book rather than the blog. Here is a quick up date. I decided since I am currently living in the birth place of coffee I should drink it. I’m now addicted to the dark liquid. Each day I look forward to the beautiful extract of those roasted black beans. I have not been running for 10 day’s. It’s due to an infection I suspectedly picked up from a sports massage after the Addis marathon. The infection became so severe I could not walk without severe pain. After 5 days or so I visited the hospital. On the rear of each leg was a large abscess. The doctor made an incision in the abscess’s and squeezed out an alarming amount of mustard coloured puss. Even though the doctor had injected the area with anaesthetic, the nerves picked up every ounce of pain. I cried through out the entire operation. Post operation I now walk around in dark shades, drink black coffee and am addicted to strong prescription drugs. I know things can only get better. I look forward to running again. I will prevail. Kristian.