Getting Bitten

by runningwithethiopians

I took a taxi to meet a rasta I have made friends with. In the taxi was a women sitten to my left in between myself and the driver. The driver and her started an argument and the taxi was stopped. The driver ordered the women out, she then struck him in the face. The driver then started using his fists to pund the women if the face, I pushed the driver back who was going crazy, with my other arm I pulled the women away from him. What happened next was unbelievable, the women sunk her teeth into my arm. She sqeezed her teeth down onto my arm really hard. I let her go and fell out the taxi door which was now open. I looked at my arm and was so pleased she had not broken the skin. The fight continued, the women running out from the taxi picking up a large rock. The driven ran over to her grabbing her arm and throwing her to the ground then pulling her around by her afro hair. The two eventually got separated. Another day in Ethiopia.