Pre blog leading up to Ethiopian trip starting Jan 5th 2014 in which I will be spending 3 months running and eating with Ethiopians elite runners




I came here to run and that’s what I am doing morning and night, I have shed the Christmas turkey. I feel fit and lean and have made a break though with my running, its strange I have been running for 14 years but feel like I only began since I arrived in Ethiopia. Today Yared and I left the house before sunrise the full moon was dominating the sky and the ground was hardly visible. I had my head torch but refrained from using it as so I had no advantage over Yared. We warmed up then ran for 1 minute fast with a 30 second recovery, we did this 15 times. I kept up with him, last year he ran 2hrs 29mins. He says I can run under this if I carry on the way I am going.




My new bed

Just a few days ago the bed which I had ordered was picked up by Tsegaye and myself. We used a horse and cart (not ourselves there was a driver) to collect the bed, on the way to the house we ran into trouble the horse could not pull the load up the inclined dirt road which joined the main road. The horse panicked as did we and raised up on its back legs then started reversing back down the dirt hill. I jumped off in the excitement and so did the driver poor Tsegaye was still sitting on the cart while the horse was turning away from the road. It could have been a nasty accident. We got home safely and constructed my bed. Another day in Ethiopia.

Wild West

Yesterday was my Ethiopian B-day, they have a different calendar here its 2006 Jan 4th today, the landlord came over to collect rent a big argument broke out and he pulled out a gun and started waving it around, the people I am staying with called his bluff, “Use it, use it” they said. I was quite shocked. I have a best seller on the way, each day I run for hours and hours morning and night, then I return home and write about it. The book I am writing will be a huge success, no one has done what I am doing I have not even brushed my teeth with a tooth brush since being here instead opting for the mafakia (twig) to clean my teeth as the Ethiopians do. Today I went to the stadium in Addis and watched a 5k race the winner clocked 14mins 29mins, that is super human. OK will post again soon. +251938472531 (my number)

I am here

I arrived 5 days ago in Ethiopia. The plane journey was smooth thank goodness and I slept alot.
I am staying with Tsegaye, his wife Bute and their daughter Edna, also another couple, Yared and Ababa.

I feel like I am at home here, I have a new family, we all eat together and live together. Its very nice. The weather is hot and I have been on training runs morning and night since being here. Yesterday I was so tired after the run Tsegaye and another runner named Makbib had to help me home, but I am fully recovered now.
On Christmas day (Ethiopians have a different calendar) Yared slaughtered a chicken which we ate, very nice indeed. This is just a short post I will post another soon, there is no internet in the town I am staying in so can only use the internet whilst in the capital Addis.

i love training

My name is Mia, i am 10 years old, Kristian is my uncle. I love training because I like getting healthy and fit like my uncle.

Whats your dream

A common cause we all have in this world regardless of what country you live in, regardless of weather you are male or female and regardless of weather you are rich or poor is we all have dreams. Each persons dream is unique from the next persons dream. Martin Luther King had a dream and so do I…

Ethiopia is a very strong country

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second largest in terms
of population. Apart from a five-year occupation by Mussolini’s Italy, it has
never been colonised.